Prague Hibernians

Gaelic Football Club. Est. 2009

Location:  Vienna, Austria


Date: 15th June 2013


Competition: Regional Tournament


Participating clubs:

- Prague Hibernians

- Munich Colmcilles

- Vienna Gaels

- Slovak Shamrocks


Ladies Competition Final Standings:

1st Munich Colmcilles

2nd Prague Hibernians

3rd Vienna Gaels

4th Slovak Shamrocks


Mens Competition Final Standings:

1st Vienna Gaels A

2nd Munich Colmcilles

3rd Prague Hibernians

4th  Slovak Shamrocks

5th Vienna Gaels B


Ladies Player of the Tournament

 (Slovak Shamrocks)


Mens Player of the Tournament:

Johannes Wruck (Munich Colmcilles)



Vienna Regional Tournament 2013

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