Prague Hibernians

Gaelic Football Club. Est. 2009

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


Date: 20th April 2013


Competition: Regional Tournament


Participating teams:

- Prague Hibernians

- Munich Colmcilles

- Vienna Gaels

- Slovak Shamrocks

- Cumann Warszawa

- Dresden GAA Club


Ladies Competition Final Standings:

1st Munich Colmcilles

2nd Cumann Warszawa

3rd Prague Hibernians

4th Vienna Gaels


Mens Competition Final Standings:

1st Cumann Warszawa

2nd Vienna Gaels (incl. Dresden GAA club)

3rd Slovak Shamrocks

4th Prague Hibernians

5th Munich Colmcilles


Ladies Player of the Tournament

Claire Flemming Bernard (Prague Hibernians)


Ladies All-Star Team of the Tournament

Nicole Werner (Colmcilles Munich)

Angela Buchler (Colmcilles Munich)

Tara Skelly (Colmcilles Munich)

Laura Nitschke (Colmcilles Munich)

Leah Farrell (Cumann Warszawa)

Cerys Evans (Cumann Warszawa)

Orla O'Regan (Cumann Warszawa)

Megan Fitzgerald-Bradley (Prague Hibernians)

Sinead Murray (Prague Hibernians)

Anita Creighton (Vienna Gaels)

Emma Brown (Vienna Gaels)


Mens Player of the Tournament:

Patrick Prendergast (Cumann Warszawa)


Mens All-Star Team of the Tournament:

Eoin Nagle (Cumann Warszawa)

Andrew Fogarty (Cumann Warszawa)

Patrick Prendergast (Cumann Warszawa)

Richard Brennan (Vienna Gaels)

Shane Whitlow (Vienna Gaels)

Sean Summerfield (Vienna Gaels)

John McLean (Slovak Shamrocks)

Chris Cheal (Slovak Shamrocks)

Eric Davis (Prague Hibernians)

Bryan Flanagan (Prague Hibernians)

Patrick Purtill (Colmcilles Munich)

The first round of the Central European Regional Gaelic Football Championships is in Prague in April 2013. Following on from the strong display of last years tournament. The Prague Hibernians will be hoping that this years tournament will be bigger and better than last years. With many things planned for the weekend both on and off the pitch. We look forward to hosting you all again, along with some new clubs. This should be a fantastic tournament. For further details on the competition email us at, check back in the near future.


Click on the image above to download the information pack regarding the tournament.


We look forward to hosting you all and having a fantastic, entertaining tournament


Let's start off 2013 with a bang.

Prague Regional Tournament 2013

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